Crypto job listings are exploding, with one popular board seeing 1,500% growth

Crypto job postings are multiplying by the day as firms old and new look to get in on the fast-growing sector, according to a new Bloomberg report.

One crypto-focused job board,, has seen its paid listings category explode nearly 1,500% in the last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Non-crypto boards are seeing the same sort of parabolic growth. Paid US posts on LinkedIn surged 600% year-on-year in August and 400% compared to 2019. Likewise, searches for crypto jobs on have doubled in the past year.


"Everyone is hiring right now across roles," founder Daniel Adler told Bloomberg. "It's the strongest I've seen since launching Cryptocurrency Jobs in 2017."

Companies that have advertised on Adler's site include crypto-natives like Coinbase as well as staid, older players like Accenture and JPMorgan Chase. Many of these job opportunities are within the decentralized finance realm, he added.

The huge growth in employment opportunities has come in a year where crypto's total market cap pierced $2 trillion, led by bitcoin, which climbed from around $10,000 to above $60,000. Etheruem has also reached new heights, flanked by upstart competitors like solana and cardano.

The year has also brought withering regulatory scrutiny, including most recently a full-on trading ban in China and a million-dollar-plus CFTC fine for crypto exchange Kraken.

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