ApeBullInu: A Better Way To Trade

How do we gain mass adoption in DeFi? The current methods for trading on a dex are still a barrier of entry for a lot of people wanting to enter into the DeFi space. You tell a friend about a token who has never set up a wallet and they ask how to invest in that new token on Uniswap. As you start explaining all the steps, from downloading a hot wallet to opening the dApp browser to then setting slippage, gwei etc, you already lost their interest. It is difficult to get people invested in something life changing when the steps to get there are not intuitive.

So how do we solve that? Enter in the ABI standalone wallet app. Those with coding experience work directly with dex contracts to trade tokens right from the router of those dex contracts. They have more control over their transactions and much much faster speeds. By introducing that code into native swift libraries we are able to create a lean, optimized, standalone trading app for mobile devices. In doing this we are able to save on the long winded explanation of how to trade in DeFi. One native app for the sole purpose of creating better traders.

Some of the features that the app helps with in regards to mass adoption include getting rid of a dApp browser, allowing for preset gwei controls, 0-100% slippage and a tutorial for new users explaining all functions and aspects of basic token swaps. The ability to help a friend invest by pointing them to the app and letting the app instruct you on how to use it efficiently and safely is absolutely necessary for mass adoption of DeFi. We all have those friends and family that believe it is too complicated or they do not have enough time to learn how to make it all work. That will change and with that change we can really help people move towards a better way to use their finances.

As we continue the development of our product there will be many updgrades producing much more utility. The bull doesn't stop at the swap. Come join our community and be part of the DeFi revolution in trading. Have your voice heard and be part of this amazing development with us.

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