The Legends of Bezogia Launches their NFT sale on Polygon Network

Bezoge Earth integrates Polygon to launch their first next-gen MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia into the crypto gaming space. The Legends of Bezogia, the land where everything always goes up, is a massive open-world sandbox-style game where players can summon their own Bezogi characters from a large selection of different breeds by minting in-game NFTs, which randomly generate Bezogi. Each unique to their own playstyles and lore, Bezogi fight, craft and explore through the epic lands of Bezogia.


Details about the Bezogi NFTs and the Legends of Bezogia game:

Bezogi NFTs:

• There are 4096 unique Bezogi, with four different colored body parts that represent different attributes of the Bezogi.

• Bezogis are 3D NFT characters that can be used in the Legends of Bezogia game. Each NFT has strong characteristics that clearly differentiate it from other Bezogi in the game. Rare Begozi NFTs will be highly sought after in the lands of Bezogia.

• Each breed of Bezogi has their own unique personality and are totally unique in playstyle.

Legends of Bezogia game:

• Legends of Bezogia features a thrilling play-to-earn system where players can actively acquire real Bezogi while playing.

• Legends of Bezogia features a sandbox open-world concept.

• Legends of Bezogia has vast open lands and exciting cities to explore in the world of Bezogia. Areas and items in the game feature cryptocurrency-themed names such as the City of Bullish, Bull Market, Triple Top Mountain, The Legendary Green Candle, and the dreaded Fud Horn.


About Bezoge Earth

Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) is the first community-run, decentralized meme coin with a real use case. Legends of Bezogia by Bezoge Earth is a play-to-earn MMORPG based in the world of Bezogia. PILLAGE enemy SHIBs and DOGEs to rid the world of fud, MINT powerful NFT weapons, and items such as the legendary Green Candle and Recovery Seed Amulet. Wield the power of the blocks to SUMMON tradeable Bezogi NFTs to add to your collection. Buy and sell your blocks, weapons, and Bezogi NFTs in the world-renowned Bull Market to EARN real money for your tradable NFT assets. 

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