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CoinMerge Has officially Partnered with DAR Exchange More information will be coming soon about this exciting partnership, but you will already find that the DAR CEX exchange is now linked right on the tool bar to the left to use their platform right here at CoinMerge. More and more updates come out every single day and announcements will continue to come!
How to Withdraw Rewards Using Trust Wallet Trust wallet withdraw erc 1) Go to https://etherscan.io/address/0xc48b4814faed1ccc885dd6fde62a6474aecbb19a#writeContract 2) Click Connect to Web3 & connect your wallet 3) Go to Row# 4 claimDividend 4) Click Write You will see that just like MetaMask on the reward dashboard, there is a gas fee for this withdrawal. There is unfortunately no away around gas.
About "CoinMerge"
CoinMerge, CoinMerge is a new Crypto Currency with newly trending Tokenomics as well as a Utility platform that launched on September 30th. Our two tokens on ERC-20 and BSC-20 offer unique Ethereum and/or BNB yields on all volume, respective to their Blockchain. Our CoinSwap is integrated into our V1 platform and routes half of every transaction fee straight to ERC or BSC CMERGE holders in ETH or BNB depending on the chain the swap takes place on. The CoinMerge Platform is our Flagship Utility function. It is designed as a single website where users can track charts, read raw Crypto data and transaction histories, as well as have access to a robust, multi channeled chat room to connect with community members all on the same page. We plan to combine the functionality of sites like Dex Tools with the Community engagement of Telegram into a single site. What is more, the CoinMerge platform has partnered with Q-Finance and our ERC CoinSwap is built into our platform to allow easy access. The swap is revolutionary as it allows traders to make up to five swaps in a single transaction for LESS GAS than if they were to make each of those swaps individually. We plan to build a similar BSC Swap once our platform is launched as well to make CoinMerge a true, utilitarian 'All-In-One' stop for beginner and veteran traders alike. CoinMerge has a doxxed owner, Matthew Goodhead and CoinMerge LLC is a publicly filed business in the state of Texas. And like any good business, CoinMerge LLC has a business plan to generate revenue outside of our holders and investors. Like many sites and online services, CoinMerge has featured charts and banner ads for other tokens and communities to pay for advertising on our platform. The benefit to holders is that CoinMerge will only accept ERC/BSC CMERGE as currency for ad space. When other platforms purchase ad space, holders earn reflections through our tokenomics. When that token then transfers those tokens to CoinMerge LLC, holders earn reflections again. CoinMerge then places the ad and holds those CMERGE tokens forever. Just like a regular holder, CoinMerge LLC earns ETH and BNB on the tokens held, and that ETH and BNB is what is used to pay for developers, coders, marketers, staff and more. CoinMerge LLC will NEVER sell our own tokens, because we simply have no need to. This means with every ad placed on our site, the CMERGE supply is permanently reduced, the liquidity cap and market cap are permanently increased, and this means YOUR CMERGE is now worth more as the price increases. CoinMerge currently has a growing Market Cap. Over 2000 bullish holders across both blockchains and robust Liquidity Pools. There are several trade communities engaged with our token and project as well as various influencers, we are working with multiple charities such as Red Panda, groups like Mavericks of Defi, and we are officially partnered with DAR and their new CEX. CoinMerge isn't just a Long Term Utility Token. CoinMerge is a Technology LLC, and is here to change the CryptoSphere entirely.
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